Creativity. The Soul’s Fingerprint.

Creativity lurks within the everyday tasks some take for granted.  There’s always an opportunity to step up to the plate.  It’s not hard.  Doesn’t require anything more than doing it.

To my way of thinking being “creative” means answering  that soft, small voice deep within me that drives me to write, knit, garden, and live to the best of my ability.  There’s an inherent problem that “creatives” miss.  That miss disguises itself as mimicry.  You know, we hear it all the time.  “X” is so creative, you should try to [enter creative endeavor here] like “X”.  That’s when my blood begins a slow simmer and not for the reasons you might think.

My friends are wildly creative and successful in their pursuits [read:  they get paid for what they do].  I stand in awe of their gifts, but I don’t want to sacrifice my individuality by attempting to work as they do.  As they say, “it works for them”.  We might share techniques, but we don’t attempt to replicate each others’ efforts.  It doesn’t make a bit of sense from a creative standpoint. The pure creative process comes from deep inside the soul, so basically folks are asking the artist to sacrifice their at process in order to craft like someone else.  Not creative…by a long shot.  Insulting?  You betcha.

What really spikes my blood pressure  emanates from someone who feels the need to control another’s artist’s emotions.  As Charlotte Bronte said, “Better to be without logic than without feeling.”  Yet, I’ve heard folks chastise those who are just getting in touch with their inner artist for expressing feelings that ultimately can be transformed into art.  It’s as though the “creative parent” corrects a creative newbie for crying.  The “don’t cry command” barricades the shell.  The healthy guidance would be to encourage an artist to express those feelings in their chosen art form. Anything else constitutes “creativity abuse” IMHO.

Feelings are personal…authentic…no one can feel those emotions  but the person who lives in that skin.  We might relate to another’s feelings.  We might recoil from them, but they are the energy that drives the artist.  Their feelings are their soul’s fingerprints.

So, if you find yourself in a situation that inhibits your creativity, that asks you to do something you know from the depth of your soul you are not, rather than shines a light on your art, run for hills.




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