What’s That Noise?

Did you hear  it?  I know I heard it.  Quite recently…like threw me into a panic recently when Dickens got rushed to the vet recently.  “Dickens, stop barking.  It’s okay.”

So, what’s the above really about and why do you need to know?  Um, well, if you have a dog (or any other animal for that matter) you might want to protect your charges from the dreaded Chipper and Chainsaw Syndrome.  As the tree service readied Dickens for a proper nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago, several neighbors approached the lumberjacks for quotes on disforesting their backyards.  No business cards required.  Actually, most of my neighbors asked for a non-Christmas tree trim, but with the windstorms and sheer age of most trees around here, some are opting for total cut-downs.

Fast forward to this morning as the lumberjack scaled a very, very old tree…using ropes…way up there.  The tree lives in a postage stamp-size back yard.  No bucket truck for him.  He climbs to the top of this bad boy and works his way down using ropes.  It’s the same lumberjack who took down the trees beside my house.  He moves with amazing precision, swinging from limb to limb without wasting a movement.  The right hand knows exactly what the left hand’s doing-a necessary skill set when hanging 70 feet in the air with only a rope as your friend .  This guy is a master at his craft.

But, I digress.  The matter at hand – stop Dickens from going into a tip to tail anxiety attack.

The likes of which I hope to never witness again.  Nor do I ever want to see him squeeze his eyes shut in a make-the-world-go-away expression that melted my heart and sent us running to the vet.  Nope.  Not this time.  There’s only one answer to this equation and it’s called “Know Your Herbalist Best”.

Some folks encounter problems getting a medication into their animals.  In the canine world, a tablet or capsule en-robed in peanut butter does the trick.  Others scurry to the refrigerator for the cheese that makes the pill sandwich.  In our world none of that happens.  Now, when the small motors of anything outdoorsy and loud reach his ears he takes the pill containing Valerian and tryptophan willingly…as in “don’t sugar coat it, Mom, give me the pill NOW, before those things hurt my ears again.”

He’s snoozing now,but he snoozes every morning around this time.  The fan runs on the “high” the TV set to Animal Planet with the volume cranked, and I pray he doesn’t want to go out until these folks have finished the task at hand.  On second thought, gotta run, they just turned on the chipper!  Oy!

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