What Goes Around….

Growing up my mother and father used to tell a story about my martini habit.  Um, they claimed that just before a dinner party I downed a tray of martinis at the tender age of two.  My mother launched into panic mode and called my pediatrician, who laughed at my latest exploit.  He advised my parents to put me to bed and told my folks to indulge in the rest of the drinks I hadn’t touched.  (Note, it’s reported that I placed the olives beside each glass.)

I won’t say I  had a bad time at this morning’s workshop.  I won’t say I didn’t mind crawling back into myself for a short time, but my mind kept drifting back to Dickens and the tree-cutting party back home (and for good reason). Dickens seemed fine when I returned to the house.  He jumped up on the chair and cuddled.  About twenty minutes later he began to shake from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.  I took him out for a bio-break.  We came back inside and the shaking increased.  My concern grew as I’d never seen Dickens behave this way.  He’d squeeze his eyes shut as something clearly bothered him (ears?), I still can’t figure it all out.  He did not walk well. Clearly, we had just entered “Trouble in River City.”

So, I ran to the Vet’s office with my pup trembling in my arms.  No call.  No appointment.  Luckily, they took us right in to an exam room.  Shortly afterwards the Vet entered, gave Dickens’s vitals a check.   The vet was an elderly gentleman.  I remember this guy had the kindest eyes.   Apparently, like me, Cairns can’t shake trauma easily.  The Vet offered, “Wow, he’s really into it.”  The answer to the equation?  A cocktail of Bach’s Rescue Remedy and a Valerian/Tryptophan capsule used for nervous dog travel.

As we got ready to leave the vet reassured me that Dickens indeed would shake off the trauma of chain saws, chippers, and trucks by  morning.  He left me with this recommendation as he said, “JD, when you get home give Dickens the cocktail and I recommend you have a martini yourself.”

If I listen really closely, I can hear my folks laughing in heaven.


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