Turning Things Over

Oh, boy. OK. It’s decision time. What to do? What to do?

I had signed up for a workshop today. A workshop I really looked forward to not because of what it offered, but that it would afford me two hours of thinking about something I loved – knitting. Now before you say anything like “That’s as dull as dishwater,” or “Honey, get a life” let me explain.

The past few weeks hit an acceleration curve I didn’t foresee. Friends becoming incapacitated, deadlines jumping out in front of me, and events to execute in a real short turnaround time in addition to the details of my life. When someone’s down and they turn to me I know how I’d feel if I heard, “Oh, sorry, no-can-do.” So, I did. And I’m glad I did and now that the situation has calmed, I need some “me” time.

So, as I watered the garden last night, my neighbor tells me that the trees abutting our property are coming down. This news is good news.  We’re talking sick trees resulting in dead limbs dropping on my roof. (And by dropping I mean hearing a sonic “BOOM” as each limb hits the roof.) So why am I in the Land-of-Indecision? Because the trees are coming down TODAY…as in workshop day…as in is my presence required in the event something swings to the left instead of the right day?

So, it’s come down to this, I’ll go if Dickens takes all the noise in stride. I’ll go if they make significant progress before it’s time to leave. I’m turning it over to the Almighty and hope I have a roof when I return. It’s the control thing .  Am I smart enough to realize I can’t control this situation?

Just one question, “Do these folks fell trees in the rain?”

Stay tuned…[gulp]


2 thoughts on “Turning Things Over

  1. First of your posts I’ve read. Now I will go back and read more and more.

    We control nothing outside ourselves. And we always struggle with that. Always. Take your “me” time. It’s so important. SO important.

    And BTW – I LOVE the name of your blog.


    • Thanks, Tom. Thank you so much!

      I’m watching how Dickens reacts to the chain saws. It’s bothering his ears a tad, but I hope he acclimates.

      Pictures in my next entry as I watch these lumberjacks at work! Saying prayers of thanks as my neighbor and I will now “see the light”.

      Again, thank you for reading and those wonderful words of encouragement.




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