Dickens Loses a Friend

Last night, as we always do, Dickens and I took a stroll.  The night air had a chill to it, but we felt something else, something indescribable.

We approached my friend’s house.  I have posted about her situation with her dog over these past few days.  There on the front lawn lay this beautiful Rottie mix.  He looked different to me.  He seemed serene, even regal.  He didn’t appear to be in any discomfort whatsoever.  This dog looked ethereal.

The Rottie happened to be Dickens first friend.  Dickens would push the Rottie’s buttons and the Rottie set him straight.  Dickens loved to fuss around the Rottie, but not last night.  Dickens approached the fence and began sniffing.  He then ever so tenderly gave the Rottie a quick smooch.  The Rottie then softly got on his feet.  Both exchanged the universal canine greeting (the leg lift, you know what happens then) and then the Rottie sat staring at the lush green lawn. The image still remains with me.

This morning we received a message from our neighbor telling us that her dog had had a very bad night.  They were flying up to the vet’s (the good one) .  My neighbor said they had an awful night.  She had willed and prayed for the time to pass until the office opened.

The good vet had the day off, but upon hearing the news of the emergency visit came into the office.  He had just gotten the labs back.  The dog did have lymphoma.  It was at that point they discussed options, chemo, etc., etc.  The treatments MIGHT work.  Might buy him a year, but the courses could be very rugged on an older dog.  The decision came to let him go.

In some way I wish I had been there.  In other ways, not-so-much.  My neighbor and I spoke a few minutes ago.  She said she also saw the beauty of that moment last night as the Rottie enjoyed the cool night air.  A calm seemed to envelope him.  The perfectness of that moment told a story.  Maybe that tableau signified when that sweet dog transitioned.  We’ll never know.

In any event, Dickens and I will miss you.  Thank you for taking on and teaching Dickens in the brief time you knew each other.  You gave each of us a beautiful memory.

Rest well, son.  Rest well.






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