Dear Veterinary World: The Evaluation

Well, guess the Almighty listens to prayers after all (I admit to some doubting days).

The Rottie got up this morning, drank, ate, and, thanks be to God, lifted his leg (if ya know what I mean).  Yes!  Oh, sweet yes!

In the DVM world, someone who I call “a real vet” made a house call, bringing a vet resident for backup.  He drew fluid from some slightly enlarged glands and drew blood.  Thank you! Veterinary World, this procedure has a name.  It’s called “an evaluation”.  That’s all I asked at the end of yesterday – an examination.

Lymphoma has been ruled out, but clearly there’s something amiss.  The tests proved inconclusive and have been sent to a specialist for further evaluation.  It’s progress.  The dog appears to be more comfortable today (that leg lift probably helped, no doubt).

The family realizes they are not out of the woods.  The time spent waiting for the vet to come to evaluate the dog gave them some space to discuss how to proceed should the news be grim. The visiting vet demonstrated kindness and compassion for his patient and the patient’s humans.  As they wait and pray, they know they could face a grave diagnosis, but they also have precious time to honor this noble animal who they consider a family member.

And tonight I’m grateful to the vet who understood the love and concern invested in this animal, for having a heart, for treating the family with dignity and for the dog who’s not giving up quite yet.

Prayers rising.




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