Write Life…Right Now

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to Write Life…Right Now.

“Wait!”, you might be saying to yourself.  What happened to “The Daughter” or “Plumbridge Cottage”?  Well, they are still active, but they do not reflect my life as it is now…at this moment.  So, I decided to write about life “a la minute”.

Since my parents passing and dealing with the fatigue and swirl of emotions, I can honestly say the exhaustion has been mind-blowing. Compounded with the “Endless Winter”, I’m happy to say Dickens, Amelia, and I are still here to tell our stories.  Those are the stories that “Write Life…Right Now” has to tell.  Wildly creative?  From your lips to God’s ear.

My friends have stuck with me, thankfully.  I am grateful to them.  Grateful from the depths of my soul.  The isolation that winter wrought didn’t do too much to help me re-engage life.  Honestly, its been a struggle dealing with the distance of it all.  The stark realization that the “happily ever after” lived in a fairy tale and not in my life frightens me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still believe in the fairy tale…believe in endless possibilities, but some days are spent wheel spinning as I explore different career options, worry about bills, pursue life as an urban farmer, work with my feral cat, Amelia, and cry on Dickens’s shoulder when need be.  Trust me, that little guy has huge shoulders.

When I’m down Dickens drives me.  He’s one relentless pup and I can safely say he never gave up on me.  He pushes me out of bed in the morning with a bevy of kisses.  The sheer joy he exudes as he faces each new day puzzles me.  Sometimes I dig deeper under the quilt, hoping he trots back to his bed.  He’s not having it.  I can honestly say there have been and there are days he drags me through life on a leash.

So, I hope you visit often.  There’s more to come, but for me it’s all about writing about life…right now.





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