In short spurts I’m slowly getting used to this WordPress stuff.  Learning new stuff usually doesn’t bother me, but this site appears “richer” than my previous blog host.  Photos and other enhancements are underway, but like me, it’s all a work in progress.  So bear with me.

This morning I find myself mulling over going to the beach before the tourists descend or staying home to continue with the planting/weeding/mowing.  Both offer joy, but the beach idea’s a little less labor intensive.  Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so I’m deciding not to decide.

I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately.  What constitutes a balanced life? Try as I might I struggle with the notion.  I understand the concepts of a balance between work and leisure…of active vs. inactive…ying/yang, but I think balance goes a whole lot deeper than that.  Like the ocean, some folks appear to have flow with life’s events.  Things happen to them and they appear to rise to the occasion, regain their equilibrium, and, swim smoothly over their lives like the waves at low tide. Then, there’s what I call “High Tide People”.  You know, that time when low tide transitions to high tide and the waves seem to roll in one after the other, where it’s tough to stay afloat.  For the record, I consider myself a HTP (high-tide person) as I chop through life’s waters, hoping not to get swept into a rock.  And, also for the record, I’m a little sick and tired of treading water.  So, how does one achieve a balanced life?  Is there such a thing?

One of my former parent companies had an employee program entitled, “Work/Life Balance”.  At the time the title seemed to make sense.  Now, upon reflection, I find the title odd as if life’s something set apart from work.  The goal I’ve set out for myself under the heading “My Life” includes a work component. Life’s to be a vessel that contains all the elements toward the pursuit of happiness, including work, and, hopefully, swimming with the tide.

Now, if I can only keep my head above water.







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